Per Mare 2021

IGP Toscana Bianco

45.00 €

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Per Mare - The journey by sea. This wine reflects the anticipation of exploring new territory, and the expression of plenty.

Per Mare have become a symbol which perfectly illustrate MonteRosola’s ethos of supreme quality. With a unique personality, this Viognier is rich and complex with aromas of ripe citrus, yellow stone fruit and floral notes. The taste is intense and the notes from the scent return together with honey, and minerality that follow through a long, well-balanced aftertaste.

Varietal composition: Viognier 
Vineyard exposure: North
Soil location: 430 meters above sea level
Nature of the soil: Clay, sand, limestone, fossils
Fermentation: in concrete vats
Bottling: 8 months after the harvest
Refinement in bottle: 12 months